Relationship: Client

Project Date: January 2012


Amy Studebaker Designs....I have had a wonderful experience with Amy and her co-worker Kelly. The service, the ideas, the patience they displayed in dealing with me,and their willingness to accommodate me in any way they could , was above and beyond excellent . My living room is beautiful,and I have received many compliments. We have moved around other rooms ,making " adjustments " adding accessories and some additional furniture . Amy was very sensitive about " family treasures " that I could not part with and had really good suggestions on how to "work them in."I choose a color pallet of aqua, creams and linen is a very soothing room to be in. I always felt very comfortable with the client/designer relationship...more like friends, hanging out,talking about home decor,and sharing some " giggles "along the way.All & all...a very positive experience !



Relationship: Colleague

Project Date: August 2011


I have worked with Amy Studebaker Designs many times and have always found her to be very professional, competent and she has great follow up. 
She really listens to the client and what they want to do and then makes several reccomendations on how to complete the project. She is a real pro and makes a decorating project very easy to accomplish. I supplied Amy curtains, shades and custom bedding for several projects.


-Ellen Ross


Relationship: Client

Project Date: January 2011- 2012


My husband and I often discuss how simple the decorating process was for this house. We LOVE the results. Our house feels completely comfortable yet looks beautiful. We love the mix of new verses old and casual verses formal. We attribute this to Amy Studebaker Design. We so appreciate how smoothly plans fell into place. I love looking at before and after pictures; much was accomplished in a short amount of time. 




Relationship: Client

Project Date: August 2007 - Present


What a gem! Amy is an extremely talented designer, psychologist, financier and all around tough guy while at the same time encompassing complete class and charm. Amy has worked with me, and please note that I say work with me as opposed to work for me because that is how Amy makes you feel. She listens to your needs whether they concern your budget or a kid friendly environment. She has a trained eye together with naturally excellent taste and can see things like colors, dimension and texture in creative and innovative ways. I was lucky enough to have Amy redecorate my house twice! I often would show Amy pictures of furniture or rooms that I liked and she would explain to me why something would or would not work. One of the things I like most about Amy is her ability to say No, be it to me or if she's tough handling a contractor. She is as sweet as can be but she get's her opinion across and the job done. Speaking of the getting the job done, I love the final result. Amy captured my family's personality in her skilled decorating. I have three small children and my house can get messy fast. I wanted a house that was simple and clean but still homey. I love whites, blues and grays, but was terrified that my kiddos would destroy any attempt at light colors. In her wisdom Amy was able to persuade me to use grays and darker blues for larger pieces while accenting with cream in user friendly fabrics, like out door fabrics for smaller accents. She also recommended a cream colored wool rug. The rug plays to white and the wool is easy to clean. We put pull out drawers under the window seat and I filled them with my kids toys. Realistically, my kids need to have toys in our living room but I did not want to live in a room resembling a nursery. The drawers provide easy access for the kids to get to their toys and put them aways. As a result the look achieved is sophisticated, classic, clean and kid friendly. Amy also introduced a friendly white into our lives by painting our kitchen cabinets white and using white marble counters and backsplash . She suggested we warm the space by adding a wooden counter top for our island. We love the look! For our purposes Amy created a Jeff Lewis meets Martha Stewart look, however this is just one of the many looks I have seen her create. I could go on and on I haven't even touched on the perfection of the nursery, alas I am a mother of three and I gotta go. She's an artist!