Lauren Berry

Senior Designer

You could almost say Lauren was destined for a career in interior design from birth. Growing up, her mother (interior designer) and father (architect), would often take Lauren to job sites, put her in charge of organizing fabrics, and she even became their invaluable test audience when either was tasked with designing a child’s space.

While still in high school, Lauren began her interior design career working at both a design showroom as well as custom workroom. In 2013, she transitioned into luxury residential interior design where she gained valuable experience working intimately with clients, contractors, and architects. Since joining ASD in 2022, Lauren has quickly become an invaluable asset due to her keen attention to detail, ability to lead projects, and applicable personal design aesthetic.

Away from the studio, you’ll find Lauren perusing estate sales/antique shops, walking her dog (Boone), or working on her personal home projects with her husband (Daniel).